Silver Birch Firewood


Silver Birch Firewood

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A lot of “wood suppliers”, sell mostly Silver Birch & to be fair, it has a beautiful characteristic of burn with great ease & cleanliness of burn. It has a good temperature, plenty of flames & such a sweet aroma.
Its characteristic of burn also means it is quite low in smoke so outside in a fire pit, it is superb & even if there is an odd puff of smoke, it is sweet smelling.
We always stock Silver Birch because of our customers with only little draw on their stove or fireplace, it’s ease of burn normally fixes any issues such as smoke blowing back down the chimney & the like.
However, we don’t sell a lot of Silver Birch as it burns quickly when compared to the others.
(Hornbeam will burn about 100% longer, Oak about 30-50% longer than Hornbeam, Olive can be 50% or more longer than Oak, you get the picture 😉)
It is great for cooking, Smoking, outside fires & for customers with a low draw on their stove or fire.
Silver Birch Firewood. Volatile and burns hot. Silver Birch is the softest of hardwoods, burns easily and very cleanly. Suitable for stoves that struggle for a good draft.