Mineral Sea Salt Natural



Slightly moist with a powder like grain. For those who like to pinch. This mineral sea salt has a powerfully smooth taste and allows you to use up to 25% less with no compromise on flavour. Just ask some of our countries top chefs.



  • Buy any three Tubs of Sea Salt and get a 20% Discount
  • It’s Healthier to have more minerals and to use less salt.
  • Powerful flavour with Mineral after tones.
  • Totally Irish – Natural, Pure and Local.
  • Fine Grain texture – Smooth deep flavour.
  • Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt.
  • Smooth taste profile is embraced by food for complete flavour.
  • 80% Faster. Dissolves and Disperses rapidly in recipes.
  • No Additives – Sea Salt as Nature intended.
  • Non Oxidised – Harvested through a sealed system.
  • The Forgiving Sea Salt – A little too much means Richer not Saltier


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