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Char Siu Seasoning


Ideal for pork belly cooked on the BBQ or even in the oven.


Char Siu or more commonly spelt Char Sui (lol) brings you colour and a taste of the orient. We've been on a quest to develop a Chinese glazing rub for a while, playing with various ingredients to get a depth of flavour and great colour from natural sources along with banging flavours. This one is ideal for pork belly cooked on the BBQ or even in the oven. It's a great add on for homemade bacon curing too and some of the best bacon we have ever made used this along with a bacon cure. Char Siu chicken wings or chicken feet...we'll stick with the wings and pork belly! Great for adding a bit to stir-fries too for a boom of Chinese flavour.

Directions for using Char Sui Seasoning:

Apply an even coating, use at approximately 3-6% meat weight

Apply rub to moist meat surface at least one hour prior to cooking and allow to soak in, The colour will blow you away! Cook away from direct heat where possible to avoid over charring.

Store in a cool dry location in the container provided, keep sealed.

Vegan Friendly