36 Bags of Trunk Olive Fire Wood


36 Large 40 litre Bags of Trunk Olive Fire Wood

In excess of 500 kgs

Delivered Nationwide



Our Sun Dried Olive firewood is sustainabily sourced from a Berber Co-operative farm of 250,000 acres with 3 to 400 Olive trees per acre typically. It is a desert Oasis not far from the Lybian border.
Olive firewood is absolutely superb!
You must light it vigorously, using perhaps a bit more kindling than usual. Olive would be one of the longest Burning firewood in the world, burning even longer than Oak! Surprisingly it also burns with great volatility, flame & temperature too.
Great for Pizza Oven, Offset smoker, cooking with, etc.
The cherry on top is the beautiful savory aroma of Olives, whilst it burns.
( Highly recommend ❤️🔥)


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