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Here’s a piece we did in the Drogheda Independent recently.

“What do Goodwood do in the summer, you might ask?

Well Goodwood Outdoors Range of products is growing all the time 

In our new showroom on the North Strand, you’ll find a display of Morso Forno premium wood-fired ovens, Kamodo Bono range (you have always promised yourself one) of ceramic grills, New FireBoks Braai grills, Smokin Soul Bbq Smokers & some amazing & genuinely “smokeless” firepits!

All this top-class equipment simply compliments our Goodwood Smoking range of wood Chunks, Chips and Dust that is well established now & was over 4 years in development. (wait till you see our stunning new packaging 

Our range of over 30 species is World Leading, no company has anything near the selection Goodwood Smoking offer even Weber have only about 7.

After getting Goodwood Smoking under our belt & running smoothly, it was a natural progression to turn our attention to Charcoal.

We have always had a choice of Charcoal available but so do others.

We set about finding the most exceptional charcoals’ only, from around the globe.

It gives us great pleasure to source these & as you’d expect from Goodwood, as sustainably sourced as possible.

We will have our Goodwood branded Casuarina Charcoal coming, Goodwood branded Orange wood Charcoal, Goodwood branded Olive wood Charcoal, all from Egypt, Argentine Quebracho Blanco Charcoal, Cuban Marabu Charcoal, South African Black Wattle Charcoal, Lithuanian Hornbeam Charcoal, Aussie Heatbeads Charcoal briquettes & Indian Cococabana Coconut Charcoal briquettes, all these in biodegradable & compostable packaging!!!  There may well be another surprise or two too 

Then I guess you might think that the next natural progression would be to get a “World Renowned” range of rubs & sauces, to compliment all of the above?

Sorry but you’re just going to have to wait a little longer for that exciting announcement 

For those of you who prefer the convenience of gas, we have Morso gas barbecue grills on display & we stock Droghedas’ own “Flogas” full range of Gases & sizes.

We also stock Stargas full range including Mig, Tig, Oxygen, Proplyene, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Beer & Stout gas too, Sláinte 

Ps. Did I mention we sell Wood? “

Yes, firewood is our main business, hornbeam, kiln dried firewood, Egyptian Olive, Silver Birch Firewood, and more, we deliver all over Ireland. Drop into us or click to buy online https://goodwoodfuel.com

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