Sustainability is a message preached by many but upheld by few, and we here at Goodwood Fuel want to ensure our customers know we take pride in doing everything we can to be sustainable. Although many people may wonder how selling Kiln dried firewood, sun-dried logs and various other fuel products could be sustainable we ensure that all of our products are sustainably sourced from co-operative farms and FSC accredited suppliers and are packaged in recyclable paper or natural fibre jute bags. Very importantly, we made a big leap in the right direction this past week by stopping selling coal for good! Although previously we had only sold smokeless coal, this coal was still in plastic bags and was one of the main things delaying us on our journey to becoming carbon positive so we are very happy to report it is no longer a part of the Goodwood product range.

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We also had a “green audit” performed on our business by an outside organisation (ZTC) to make sure we where as green as we claimed and to see if there were areas we could improve on. The findings to this where extraordinary, with it being estimated that we have saved the equivalent over 4 million plastic straws in the previous year from switching our wood bags from plastic to paper/natural fibre jute, we can only imagine how much larger this figure will be next year now that we have stopped selling the plastic bags of coal! The report also found that over the next 5 years we will help absorb over 149 tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere providing we keep up the same pace, and this would be 177% of our estimated emissions over the same period! Having this audit performed by an outside company was very important to us because it meant we got an unbiased and unfiltered opinion on our business and our practices from an environmental standpoint and this is something we found very rewarding as it backed up our beliefs that our efforts toward sustainability are worthwhile and are making a meaningful impact. This is all without mentioning our partnership with Reforest Nation (formerly the East Coast Tree Project), where we plant a native tree in Ireland for every crate of wood we sell! Our combined target for the coming year is to plant 100,000 trees and we look forward to playing our part in this.

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This is our 9th year in Business and while making sure our customers have access to the best firewood in Ireland whether that be our Kiln dried hornbeam, oak or birch or our sun dried olive, we feel we are now at a stage of scale that it is only fair that we try and operate as clean and sustainably as possible. Our little company has grown significantly, and it is not lost on us that the bigger we get the bigger our responsibilities to the environment are so we keep our mission of sustainability at the forefront of our business and we hope this makes choosing where you buy your fuel from this year an easier decision! 

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