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Here at Goodwood Fuel, we have been working on replacing any of the plastic packaging with environmental alternatives.

Many businesses make a lot of noise about their limited efforts to become plastic-free, we have worked hard to try to achieve it. With the packaging of our Olive firewood alone, we have saved 25,000 bags by using Natural fibre Jute bags 🌿
We also package our Olive in She-Oak boxes, we bag our Hornbeam & Oak in Tripple lined paper bags & even our excellent Pini Kay Wood Briquettes are now in cardboard boxes, these changes have prevented many thousands more plastic bags from being used.
We are a small company but consider it our responsibility to make these efforts!
If a small business like ours can replace about 40,000 plastics, think about what could be done if all businesses were to take this as seriously?
It’s like the sourcing of our firewood, we take this just as seriously.
Where possible our wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited but besides the relevant paperwork, we visit all of the forests & farms that we get our wood from, to ensure that it is being harvested in a sustainable manner.
It means the world to us that we can look you in the eye, with confidence & say that we are satisfied that our Goodwood is sourced sustainability 🌿🔥❤️

Winter is coming...time to stock up.

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Olive Firewood
Our Sun Dried Olive firewood is sustainabily sourced from a Berber Co-operative farm of 250,000 acres with 3 to 400 Olive trees per acre typically. It is a desert Oasis not far from the Lybian border. 
Olive firewood is absolutely superb!
You must light it vigorously, using perhaps a bit more kindling than usual. Olive would be one of the longest Burning firewood in the world, burning even longer than Oak! Surprisingly it also burns with great volatility, flame & temperature too.
Great for Pizza Oven, Offset smoker, cooking with, etc. 
The cherry on top is the beautiful savory aroma of Olives, whilst it burns. 
( Highly recommend ❤️🔥)
Hornbeam Firewood
Hornbeam Firewood is another favourite of ours. 
It is an Ironwood (a grouping of the world’s densest wood) & has the highest energy rating of any firewood! (Olive is never included in these tests) 
Historically it would have been used as the hub of a wheel with perhaps Ash spokes, or the Keel of a boat or even wooden gears & the like (pre Industrial Revolution) it also burns with great temperature (brilliant for Pizza Ovens too) great volatility & flame. It has a great willingness to burn, a most satisfying firewood. Without wanting to hurt any of our Irish customer’s feelings, Hornbeam is one of the main reasons why we don’t stock Ash firewood. Hornbeam has more flame & burns hotter & longer than Ash. There’s no point in stocking it we feel. 
Oak Firewood
Oak is another superb firewood but has a totally different characteristic of burn to that of Hornbeam or Olive. I describe it as a lazy long burn with perhaps half the flame of the others mentioned. It burns beautifully hot but not as hot as the Olive or Hornbeam. 
This can suit particularly well insulated newer homes as I have had to take back Hornbeam from a customer in a Passive Home because they simply couldn’t use the room. Great for cooking & Smoking but takes a bit of work to achieve the 4-500° necessary for your Pizza oven. 
Silver Birch Firewood
A lot of “wood suppliers”, sell mostly Silver Birch & to be fair, it has a beautiful characteristic of burn with great ease & cleanliness of burn. It has good temperature, plenty of flames & such a sweet aroma. 
Its characteristic of burn also means it is quite low in smoke so outside in a fire pit, it is superb & even if there is an odd puff of smoke, it is sweet smelling. 
We always stock Silver Birch because of our customers with only little draw on their stove or fireplace, it’s ease of burn normally fixes any issues such as smoke blowing back down the chimney & the like. 
However, we don’t sell a lot of Silver Birch as it burns quickly when compared to the others. 
(Hornbeam will burn about 100% longer, Oak about 30-50% longer than Hornbeam, Olive can be 50% or more longer than Oak, you get the picture 😉) 
It is great for cooking, Smoking, outside fires & for customers with low draw on their stove or fire. 

Goodwood Cooking and Smoking

At Goodwood we have an extensive range of premium woods for cooking and smoking. We supply  Cherry, Apple, Olive, Maple, Pear, Plum, Holm Oak ,Whiskey barrel [Oak],Black Alder, Kameeldoring, Orange, Sekelbos, She Oak [ Casuarina] Mango, Guava, Silver Birch and White Oak.

These can be purchased online or instore as Wood Chunks, Wood Chips or Wood Dust. Whatever your cooking or smoking needs we will be delighted to help you find the Goodwood that suits you.

**Please note there is a shipping charge for Wood Chunks/Wood Chips/Wood Dust of €10 up to 10KG and €15 for between 10KG & 20KG**

ALL PRODUCTS BELOW – Charcoal Heat Beads / Cocacabana Briketts / Chunks / Chips / Dust / Maribú & Hornbeam Charcoal ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP FROM OUR DEPOT.

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For further details or to discuss your outdoor cooking/smoking needs feel free to contact us on 0876695984 or at


Goodwood are also agents for Flogas , we stock and deliver the full range of gas locally.

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Now you can experience for yourself how easily delicious food can be produced – from juicy Steaks to smoked salmon, homemade crispy pizzas or delicious lamb steaks.

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KAMADO barbecue grills are made of various materials such as heat-resistant ceramics and other heat-resistant materials, as well as terracotta – a traditional porous baked ceramic made of natural clay, Portland cement or a mixture of milled lava rock. The surface of barbecue grill can also vary greatly. It can be coated with glossy ceramic glaze, paint, decorative textured plaster or ceramic mosaic. Modern ceramics and fire-resistant materials protect barbecue grills from cracking.

To compliment our smoking and cooking range, we are now agents for Morse Forno outdoor cooking ovens and Kamado Bono Grill & accessories.

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